Samara #14

Samara's one of the whimsical creatures who live in the Dark Woods, an enchanted place where only few humans can step into. Only day dreamers can see the glittering beaming light coming from the door between the golden beech and the ancient ooak. 

But despite the golden lights and the faint ancient music that welcome you when you reach the other side of the door, this is no place to walk light heartedly. There are many dangers hidden by the moss and the shadows and even behind the most slender of the dark trees. Dark and ancient souls dwell in this obscure place, as well as creatures of the light, whose purpose is to guide them and to keep the evil spiritis at bay with the power of their minds and the pureness of their hearts.

Samara is one of these special soul-guides. You can feel a soothing energy beaming through her eyes, a calming peace embracing your heart and body when you look at her. 

She's now looking for a forever home to protect with her unique magic and spread some peaceful positive energy into. 



Works made on Samara


-faceplate carving;

-make up with high quality pastels, sealed with MSC;

- new set of eyechips made by etsy artists;

- eyes boggling and sleeping eyes added;

- custom pullstrings;

- hair spa;

- Sculpted ears;

- Sculpted teeth;

-Magnetic Antlers;



She comes on a jointed body and extra hands. This is a FULL SET Doll and will arrive with a dress made by THIRST4BLYTHECLOTHES!!




Please, NOTE:  My dolls are not perfect, as they are Handmade so if you're looking for perfect faces and make up, I'm afraid my dolls are not for you. 


I do not accept returns.




The Whispering Blythe Samara #14


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