She told me her name's Agatha, but she prefers the short Aggie, as Agatha, she says, feels like an "old lady's name".

She's quite the serious little girl, often grumpy, but it's just her usual expressions, she says. Actually, you can't tell if she's having fun or if she's bored to death, instead -or planning to kill you in your sleep and bury your body in the garden- but she's definitely sweet, in her odd way.

She loves spending most of the time alone, even tho she claims she's often in company of someone. Someone you can't see. 

She calls it "the soul's eye": a different sight, where human eyes are not needed, as the vision comes from the inside. At the beginning, she could almost feel it coming from inside her chest, somewhere between her heart and stomach, where the soul lays amidst layers of flesh and blood. Some times, she's scared by what she sees, especially at night, because darkness makes everything look blurred and sinister, even when it's not.

"Have you ever looked at something when it's pitch black? If you'll stare at it long enough, you'll see its dark shape changing, resembling something awful and scary, moving towards you hidden by the shadows."

Entities, spirits, ghosts. Whatever you call them, there are two kinds equally scary: the angry ones and the miserable ones. Both refuse to accept death and linger between the worlds holding onto the negative feeling of anger, vengeance and sadness which make them unpredicable and potentially dangerous, but most are afraid or gentle souls who simply lost their way and are trapped in a state of unbeing.

Agatha, Aggie, has several friends in the other world and sometime they come to visit her and you can even hear her laughing. She says she tries to help them to go further but many simply like to stick around. There's too much humanity left in them that hold them back, preventing them to join the spirit world.

She knows a great deal of stories about the invisible people and she'll be more than happy to share some with you!


Agatha is on a non-jointed body.

Works made on her:


-faceplate carving;

-make up with high quality pastels, sealed with MSC;

-changing of 3 eyechips with high quality eyechips made by etsy artists (2 herocromatic pair of eyes, one grey default pair; one pair is total black)

- eyes boggling and sleeping eyes added;

- custom pullstrings;

- hair shampoo;

- Sculpted ears;






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Please, NOTE:  My dolls are not perfect, as they are handmade so if you're looking for perfect faces and make up, I'm afraid my dolls are not for you. 

I do not accept returns.