NEWS: I'm starting to dedicate more time to customs and in order to improve, keeping breaks between new dolls relatively short. I'm aiming to offer you a couple of dolls for month, with time.


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Girls looking for home..

blythe custom sale whispering blythe

Samara's my custom girl #14. This mystical little fawn girl is a unique woodland creature, ready to sprikle a bit of joy and magic in your life!

(ADOPTED) Custom#13 - Agatha, Aggie.

A quirky, quiet little girl who has a scary secret to reveal. 

(ADOPTED) Yes, I have a thing for vampires! I think there'll be many more in the near future!! She's Matilda, my custom #12 and is now looking for a family! 

(ADOPTED) I love Solstice's shiny eyes..they're so magic, as much as her! She's a special little girl, a witchy forest dweller, looking for a magic family to join!

(ADOPTED) Sage, This lovely Forest Keeper has found home, already! :)

About the Whispering Blythe...

I am still a newbie customizer, learning by myself custom after custom, how to offer better detailed and peculiar girls to my awesome customers around the world.  I love creating these little souls, love the idea they will be cherished somewhere in the world, in someone else's home, joining a new life, being someone's special little ones. My little girls have different personalities, some of them are born with a background story, others are waiting for you to start creating one, but all of them have unique personalities! I hope you'll enjoy their company and love them as much as I do!